All Ears 003 – 16th Mar 2017

These are the tracks we played:

For those of you on Spotify most of them are in this playlist: All Ears 003 Playlist

Gamelan – Tom Beesley

Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of Bali and Java in Indonesia. Using mainly percussive instruments, the music for religious and formal ceremonies dates back nearly 1000 years. There are a range of tracks tonight from different traditions both old and new.

19:58    Dhungchen – Field Musicians
20:01    Prayer For The Bride And Groom – Gentra Pasundan
20:03    Trance Gong – Gamelan Pacifica
20:11    Gondang Haro-Haro – Gondang Sabangunan
20:16    Gilak – Gong kebyar
20:25    Gamelan – Maggi Payne
20:28    Dhungchen – Field Musicians

Sound As Art – Gary Winters

This selection considers work where sound is the medium for artworks. Is it visual art or experimental music? Maybe both. Surveying the last 100 years pieces emerge in absurd spoken form from the Dada, Surrealist and Fluxus movements, explode through technology in conceptual art, minimalism and site-specific works, and find form in wry and ironic ditties from contemporary experimental theatre and performance.   

20:30    Understanding – Martin Creed
20:33    Printer Concert – Baktruppen
20:34    Voice Piece For Soprano – Sonic Youth
20:34    Let’s Get Brutal – Williams Fairey Brass Band
20:37    What a Day – Throbbing Gristle
20:41    John Cage Excerpt N.6 – John Cage
20:41    Border Control – Martin Creed
20:42    Piano Piece #13 – Sonic Youth
20:46    My Beer – David Shrigley
20:46    Please Come Back – Baktruppen
20:49    A Short Hop From Sarajevo – Project Dark
20:50    Ursonate: III. Scherzo – Kurt Schwitters, Christopher Butterfield
20:53    John Cage Excerpt N.9 – John Cage
20:53    One Thousand Cycles – Christian Marclay
20:55    Sketch 2 – Basil Kirchin
20:57    California Dreamin’ – Alexi
20:58    Let Them In – Martin Creed

Bristol Sound – Tom Beesley

The Wild Bunch were a dancehall sound-system established in Bristol in the mid 80s by Nellee Hooper (who went on to form Soul || Soul with Jazzy B) and Robert Del Naja (who went on to form Massive Attack). Vocalists Tricky and Horace Andy, producers Smith & Mighty and sound engineer Geoff Barrow (Portishead) were all connected to the sound-system.

20:59    Aftermath – Tricky
21:05    Spying Glass – Massive Attack
21:10    6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps
21:14    Safe From Harm – Massive Attack
21:18    Wandering Star – Portishead
21:23    B Line Fi Blo – Smith & Mighty

Hendrix Anniversary – Duncan Cooper

Jimi Hendrix’ rise from session guitarist to the world’s hottest festival act took a mere 12 months. Pure showmanship and a string of distortion fuelled classics guarantee his rock immortality to this day. His musical evolution over 4 years as a solo artist contributed greatly to the 60’s psychedelic movement. Sunday was the 50th anniversary of Jimi playing in Ilkley, on March 12th 1967, at the Troutbeck Hotel.

21:28    Alexis Korner Introduction (BBC Sessions) – Alexis Korner
21:28    Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix
21:34    Up From The Skies – Jimi Hendrix
21:36    If 6 Was 9 – Jimi Hendrix
21:41    Freedom – Jimi Hendrix
21:44    Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
21:47    Ezy Ryder – Jimi Hendrix
21:51    Hey Joe (alternate take, BBC Sessions) – Jimi Hendrix
21:54    Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Jimi Hendrix
21:59    Traveling With The Experience (BBC Sessions) – Jimi Hendrix

~Scape Label – Tom Beesley

Following five years working as a sound engineer for Basic Channel, Stefan Betke established and ran ~Scape records in Berlin between 1999 and 2010. Betke also recorded tracks under the name Pole and built the label into a pioneer of ‘glitch and click’ electronica.

21:59    Do Dekor – Jan Jelinek
22:05    Warum – Pole
22:10    half sleep – BUS feat. MC Soom T
22:13    The Way Things Change – Mapstation
22:18    Slow Rot From Rhetoric – Deadbeat
22:24    Stadt – Pole
22:27    Tendency – Jan Jelinek

Desert Blues – Duncan Cooper

Desert blues is a musical tradition emanating from the Western Sahara. In the 90s Ali Farka Toure brought the distinctive guitar style out of the dunes and to international attention. The civil war that followed in Mali meant that tapes of new bands were passed furtively around at Tuarag rebel camps. From this a new groove emerged, mimicking the sway of the camel and popularised by the likes of Tinariwen and Terakaft.

22:30    Penda Yoro – Ali Farka Toure
22:36    Sa Golo – Boubacar Traore
22:40    Tisnant an Chatma – Tamikrest
22:45    Ka Moun Ke¨ – Rokia Traore
22:49    Alghalem – Terakaft
22:53    Bazani (Mali) – Djime Sissoko, Djama Djigui
22:56    Cler Achel – Tinariwen