All Ears 004 – 20th Apr 2017

These are the tracks we played:

For those of you on Spotify most of the songs are in this playlist (though quite a few of the Anti Folk and Drum and Bass ones are not on Spotify unfortunately): All Ears 004 Playlist

Systems Music – Simon East

Systems Music refers to repetitive works that evolve gradually, often over long periods of time. Steve Reich is perhaps the composer most associated with this form of music. Philip Glass and Michael Nyman are other well-known exponents of this form.

19:56 Piano Phase – Steve Reich
20:04 Sarabande – La Monte Young
20:06 Strung Out – Philip Glass
20:10 Io – Dawn of Midi
20:16 Keyboard Study #1 – Terry Riley
20:20 Clapping Music – Steve Reich
20:24 Six Marimbas – Steve Reich

Lo-Fi Anti-folk – Jeremy Lewis

Anti-folk is a musical genre emanating from New York in the 1990s and adopted in the UK in the noughties. It promotes witty and honest song-writing over technique, and personality over polish. Some see it as the evolution of folk, others as a low-fi combination on punk and folk. In some ways, it is more of a scene than a genre. “The fact that no one knows what it means, including me, makes it kind of mysterious and more interesting than saying that you’re a singer/songwriter.” (Jeffrey Lewis)

20:30 Friends of Mine – Adam Green
20:32 Heavy Heart – Jeffrey Lewis
20:34 Drinking Beers With Mom – Lach
20:38 Smokescreen A Capella Techno Blues – Jim Flynn
20:41 Tramp Star – Brian Piltin
20:45 Novotel – Adam Green
20:46 Paper Forest (In the afterglow of Rapture) – Emmy the Great
20:50 Laugh laugh clap your hands – Bored Housewife
20:52 Octopus’s Garden – Jeffrey Lewis
20:54 Wee Ma Moo – Dufus

Modern Classical – Tom Beesley

A rather broad and indefinable category, that never-the-less allows us to select a range of tracks by contemporary composers and musicians employing traditional orchestral instruments and the piano.

21:00 Floating/Sinking – Peter Broderick
21:03 Opaque – Hildur Guonadottir
21:06 Drift – Mica Levi
21:09 Autumn Music 1 – Max Richter
21:13 Gardermoen – Julia Kent
21:17 Golden Times I – Ben Lukas Boysen
21:23 Barok Main – Mica Levi & Oliver Coates
21:26 Violin Solo, No. 1 – Peter Broderick

Persian Psych – Jeremy Lewis

The Golden Age of Persian Psychedelic Pop refers to the music scene in Iran from the 60s up to the Islamic Revolution in 1979, after which pop music was outlawed. The genre encompasses early western-influenced psych-pop, underground garage bands, psych-funk and emerging heavy rock, … all with a distinctly Eastern twist. Only relatively recently available in the West, the music variously incorporates traditional folk tunes and instruments with heavy basslines, disco-funk grooves, sitars and psychedelic guitar riffs.

21:30 Helelyos – Zia
21:31 Raks Raks Raks – Moha Jamin
21:37 Talagh – Googoosh
21:41 It’s Alright – The Rebels
21:43 I Saw Her Standing There – The Rebels
21:45 Dokhtar-E Darya – Group Takhala La
21:48 Hadjme Khali – Kouroush
21:51 Soul Raga – Mehrpouya
21:55 Mosem-E Gol – Parva

Progressive D&B – Simon East

Drum and Bass emerged out of the UK Jungle scene in the 90s. The more Jazz and Ambient influenced Progressive version emerged in the mid 90s. LTJ Bukem (and his Logical Progression compilations) and Photek were two of the scene’s prime movers during this period.

22:00 The Hidden Camera – Photek
22:03 Music – LTJ Bukem
22:05 Sleepless (Exclusive Mix) – Optical
22:08 Soul Beat Runna – Boymerang
22:11 Skylab – Ed Rush
22:14 Motions (Vip Mix) – Intense
22:16 Black Domina – Source Direct
22:20 Vocal – Peshay
22:23 PAC 3 – Override
22:26 Act 3: Radio Start Point [Fade at Will] – T Power

Geir Jenssen – Tom Beesley

Under the moniker ‘Biosphere’, Jenssen has often been cited as one of the originators of electronic ambient music. Based in northern Norway he has been releasing records since 1990 and has also produced film soundtracks and field recordings. The film work features part of ‘fish story’ by the American artist Allan Sekula, along with other similar footage.

22:29 CORONA – Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency
22:35 WHITE LIGHTNING – Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency
22:39 City Wakes Up – Biosphere
22:45 Path Leading to the High Grass – Biosphere
22:48 Daphnis 26 – Biosphere
22:54 Freeze-Frames – Biosphere
22:56 Departed Glories – Biosphere
23:01 Warp/warpable – Biosphere & Deathprod