All Ears 014 – 19th April 2018

This is what we played at All Ears 014:

You can find most of the tracks on this Spotify Playlist.

You can find the videos Phil played for his Fall set on this YouTube Playlist.

Post-Punk Funk – Tom Beesley

This title permits a selection of tracks united by very little except that they were all attempts to bring a post-punk sensibility to a jazz or funk sound emerging at the beginning of the 1980s.

20:00 Stretch (12″ Version) – Maximum Joy
20:06 Empty Vessels – Blurt
20:09 Damaged Goods – Gang Of Four
20:13 Lucinda – A Certain Ratio
20:16 The Great Man’s Secrets – Magazine
20:22 Searching For A Feeling – Maximum Joy
20:25 Shoot You Down – APB
20:27 My Spine Is The Bassline – Shriekback

Simon Fisher Turner – Susie White

Simon Fisher Turner, born in 1954 in Dover, is an English musician, songwriter and actor. In the 1980’s he released several singles on the el label as the King of Luxembourg. Turner has also recorded film soundtracks, including several for Derek Jarman films: Caravaggio (1986), The last of England (1988), The Garden (1990) and his final film Blue (1993). Genres include indie pop, experimental and ambient. I was first introduced to Fisher Turner’s work when I watched Blue and I loved his experimental score.

20:30 The Dog Star – Simon Fisher Turner
20:32 Fantasia. Childhood Memories – Simon Fisher Turner
20:34 I Love You More Than My Eyes – Simon Fisher Turner
20:43 The Crosetto Flames – Simon Fisher Turner
20:47 Lastorderplease – Simon Fisher Turner
20:52 The Harder You Look, The More You See – Simon Fisher Turner
20:55 Chomolungma – Simon Fisher Turner

The Fall – Phil Hardy

When I’m dead and gone
My vibrations will live on
In vibes on vinyl through the years
People will dance to my waves

From Psykick Dancehall, released by The Fall in 1979 and written by Mark E. Smith who died on 24th January 2018.

21:00 Big New Prinz – The Fall
21:04 Totally Wired (Live in New York, June 1981) – The Fall
21:8 Wings – The Fall
21:12 Mr. Pharmacist – The Fall
21:18 Touch Sensitive – The Fall
21:20 Fledermaus Can’t Get It – Von Sudenfed
21:23 Bury! PTS 2 + 4 – The Fall
21:26 Dedication To Medication – The Fall

Rozi Plain – Simon East

Rozi Plain was born in Winchester but is now based in London. She releases her own material on the Lost Maps record label. She also plays bass and sings in This Is The Kit, and sings as part of Rachael Dadd’s backing band.

21:29 360 Degrees – Rozi Plain
21:32 Friend City – Rozi Plain
21:35 Roof Rook Crook Crow – Rozi Plain
21:40 All Written Out in Numbers – This Is The Kit
21:45 Strike Our Scythes – Rachael Dadd
21:48 Marshes – Rozi Plain
21:53 Best Team (Joshua James Remix) – Rozi Plain

Loyko – Susie White

Loyko are a gypsy trio established in 1990 who have a varied repertoire of their own and traditional Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Celtic music. The name comes from a 300-year old legend about a famous gypsy violinist, Loyko Zobar, who played in a way so heartfelt that animals came out of the forest to listen to him. His violin is still being used by his distant descendant Sergey Erdenko, the founder of the band. I first heard Loyko in 2001 in Norwich Arts Centre. I thought they were breath-taking and I’ve loved their music ever since.

21:59 All the Cards – Loyko
22:02 Brahms – Loyko
22:04 Kumushka – Loyko
22:07 Return of Gypsy Maestro – Loyko
22:12 Gypsy Street – Loyko
22:18 Marjanja – Loyko
22:28 Sad angel – Loyko

Sparklehorse – Neil Patterson

Welcome to the sad and beautiful world of Sparklehorse, the brainchild of Mark Linkous (1962-2010). The sound of Sparklehorse reflects Mark’s troubled genius, ranging from fractured lullabies to dissonant alt-rock, usually recorded on a miscellany of obsolete equipment in a rented farm in rural Virginia (aka Static King studios). Sparklehorse was feted by the British music press but largely overlooked at home in the US. Depression led Mark to take his own life, aged 47, leaving behind a timeless body of work.

10:30 Gold Day – Sparklehorse
10:31 Getting It Wrong – Sparklehorse
10:34 Salt Chunk Mary – Pre-Sparklehorse demo
10:35 London – Sparklehorse
10:40 Sunshine – Sparklehorse
10:44 Mark’s Guitar Piece – Sparklehorse and Fennesz
10:45 Cow – Sparklehorse
10:47 Eyepennies – Sparklehorse
10:50 I Shot A Dog – Sparklehorse
10:52 Maxine – Sparklehorse
10:53 Dead Opera Star – Sparklehorse
10:55 Angel’s Harp (with Black Francis) – Sparklehorse, Dangermouse & David Lynch
10:57 Spirit Ditch – Sparklehorse