All Ears 016 – June 21st 2018

This is what we played at All Ears 016:

You can find all the tracks on this Spotify Playlist.

Except for the tracks from the Funny Guy Can Sing set which are all in this YouTube Playlist.

Mr. Scruff – Simon East

Andrew Carthy is better known by his stage name, Mr. Scruff, inspired by his scruffy facial hair and his trademark loose-lined drawing style. He is a record producer and DJ and has been associated with the Ninja Tune label for most of his career. He also creates the album art, videos and merchandise for his records with his own set of cartoon characters.

20:00 Is He Ready? – Mr. Scruff
20:00 Wobble Control – Mr. Scruff
20:02 Shelf Wobbler – Mr. Scruff
20:05 Sea Mammal – Mr. Scruff
20:10 Sweetsmoke – Mr. Scruff
20:13 Bunch Of Keys – Mr. Scruff
20:20 Nice Up The Function – Mr. Scruff & Roots Manuva
20:23 Chipmunk – Mr. Scruff

Tim Burgess – James Tate-Smith

Best known for his work with The Charlatans, Tim also has recorded several solo records, collaborating with the likes of Lambchop, New Order, Peter Gordon, Throbbing Gristle, Factory Floor. Alongside records he has written 2 books, one celebrating the record shop, makes coffee for world peace (and David Lynch), runs a music festival and owns a record label. All whilst having the worst haircut in music.

20:29 ONLY A BOY – Tim Burgess
20:32 White – Tim Burgess
20:36 Begin – Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon
20:39 Oh Men (The Other Two Remix) – Tim Burgess
20:42 Life Is Sweet – The Chemical Brothers
20:46 SAY YES – Tim Burgess
20:49 YEARS AGO – Tim Burgess
20:51 Many Clouds – Tim Burgess
20:54 The Great Outdoors Bitches – Tim Burgess
20:57 A Gain – Tim Burgess

Funny Guy Can Sing – Gareth Heaton

Sometimes a song can have great comedic value and listenability all at the same time, it’s true! Our aim in this set is to prove just that.

21:00 Party Pom Pom – Adam Buxton
21:04 Shia LaBeouf Live – Rob Cantor
21:08 Masterchef Synesthesia – Swedemason
21:12 Ladies Of The World – Flight Of The Conchords
21:15 All Night Garage – Joe Cornish
21:18 Double Team – Tenacious D
21:22 Repeat Stuff – Bo Burnham
21:25 Love Youself – Reggie Watts

Raï – Tom Beesley

Raï first emerged in the Algerian port city of Oran in the 1920s, it self-consciously ran counter to accepted artistic and social mores and appealed to young people who sought to modernize the traditional Islamic values and attitudes. The music blended Western electric instruments with regional, secular, and religious drum patterns and melodies.

21:25 Moute – Cheikha Djenia
21:30 Maghboun – Khaled
21:34 Ya marsoul – Cheikh Ain Tadless
21:37 Goulou Limma Chaba – Zahouania
21:43 Ya khouya ould mma – Benfissa
21:48 Lila ou Nhar – Khaled & Chaba Zahouania
21:54 Douar zine – Hanino

Neil Halstead – James Tate-Smith

Neil first released records with Slowdive, in the cathedrals of noise era of shoegaze, collaborating with Brian Eno on one of the genre’s best records, Souvlaki. After Slowdive broke up Neil, alongside Rachel Goswell for Mojave 3, a more alt-country direction. He has also recorded several folky solo records and formed another band Black Hearted Brother. Slowdive reformed in 2016 to huge acclaim and released a new album in 2017.

21:59 When the Sun Hits – Slowdive
22:03 Some Kinda Angel – Mojave 3
22:07 To Hold Your Tiny Toes – Mojave 3
22:10 Star Roving – Slowdive
22:15 Time in the Machine – Black Hearted Brother
22:17 Sing – Slowdive
22:22 Two Stones In My Pocket – Neil Halstead
22:25 Palindrome Hunches – Neil Halstead
22:27 Got My Sunshine – Mojave 3

Ween – Gareth Heaton

25 years ago Dean and Gene had a baby, called Ween, then fuelled by mushrooms and backed by audio cassette, baby Ween achieved minor (but dedicated) local cult status. Now, many years later baby Ween got older achieved minor (but dedicated) global cult status.

22:31 Ocean Man – Ween
22:33 Roses Are Free – Ween
22:38 Hey There Fancypants – Ween
22:40 Push th’ Little Daisies – Ween
22:42 What Deaner Was Talkin’ About – Ween
22:44 Voodoo Lady – Ween
22:48 Old Man Thunder – Ween
22:48 Drifter In The Dark – Ween
22:51 I’ll Be Your Jonny On The Spot – Ween
22:52 Up On The Hill Ween
22:54 Waving My Dick In The Wind – Ween
22:56 Bananas And Blow – Ween
23:00 The F**ked Jam – Ween
23:01 The Blarney Stone – Ween