All Ears 028 – 17th Oct 2019

This is what we played:

You can find most of the tracks on this Spotify Playlist.

Music from Melbourne – Tom Beesley

This evening’s opening set explores the diverse range of music emerging from Melbourne, Victoria state capital in Australia. Long ignored by Australia’s own music industry, a long-standing DIY culture has helped promote a fresh cross-discipline approach from a range of recent artists including Courtney Barnett and Sampa the Great.

Avant Gardener – Courtney Barnett
OMG – Sampa The Great
Any Day – Sampa The Great
Energy – Sampa The Great
Slow Jam 1 – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Suit of Armour – Danika Smith
Kush/Divide- SO.Crates
Through the Dust – The Seven Ups
Coming For You – Milwaukee Banks
No Time To Waste (feat. Rromarin) – Milwaukee Banks

Under African Skies – Steve Parker

In 1988 the BBC sent a documentary film crew to Africa to trace music that was becoming popular in UK under the “World Music” banner and being championed by John Peel and Andy Kershaw on their radio shows. The documentary “Under African Skies” aired on BBC2 in 1989 with episodes covering music from individual countries; Zaire, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Mali and Ethiopia. Much of the music in the series was recorded live on location and we present some of those tracks in their studio recorded format.
Tonight, we feature Papa Wemba and Tshala Muana both from Zaire, Bhundu Boys from Zimbabwe, Aster Aweke from Ethiopia and The Rail Band from Mali.
The visuals are taken from footage taken from the BBC documentary filmed in Mali.

Viva Chinhoyi – Bhundu Boys
Esclave – Papa Wemba
Sanankoro moriba – Rail Band
Wolela – Aster Aweke
Tshibola – Tshala Muana
Konowale – Rail Band

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – David Grice-Ellis

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (also known as The Bonzo Dog Band) was created by a group of British art-school students in the 1960s. Combining elements of music hall, trad jazz and psychedelic pop with surreal humour and avant-garde art, the Bonzos came to the public attention through a 1968 ITV comedy show, Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Cool Britannia – The Bonzo Dog Band
Rawlinson End – The Bonzo Dog Band
The Young Ones – Vivian Stanshall with Kilgaron
My Pink half of the Drainpipe – The Bonzo Dog Band
Noises For The Leg – The Bonzo Dog Band
Mr Apollo – The Bonzo Dog Band
Canyons Of Your Mind – The Bonzo Dog Band
Tent – The Bonzo Dog Band
Kama Sutra – The Bonzo Dog Band
Narcissus – The Bonzo Dog Band
Slush – The Bonzo Dog Band

Roy Ayres – Duncan Cooper

Roy Ayers is best known for a pioneering set of jazz-funk albums recorded in 1970s Los Angeles. His sound was distinguished by the use of the vibraphone (electric xylophone) and funky breaks that formed the raw sample material for the hip-hop generation 10 years later. Prolific in their output his band, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, also penned soundtracks to blaxploitation movies. Well into his 70s he continues to tour, playing Glastonbury earlier in the year.

Rhythms Of Your Mind – Roy Ayers
A Tear To A Smile – Roy Ayers
Running Away – Roy Ayers
When Is Real, Real? – Roy Ayers
Ebony Blaze – Roy Ayers
Evolution – Roy Ayers
He’s A Superstar – Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Papa Was A Rolling Stone – Roy Ayers

The Damned – David Grice-Ellis

The Damned, formed in London in 1976, and comprising of lead vocalist Dave Vanian, guitarist Brian James, bassist (and later guitarist) Captain Sensible, and drummer Rat Scabies. They were the first punk band from the UK to release a single, New Rose, in 1976. They had nine singles that charted on the UK Singles Chart Top 40.

Neat Neat Neat – The Damned
Prokofiev – The Damned
Smash It Up, Parts 1 and 2 – The Damned
13th Floor Vendetta – The Damned
New Rose – The Damned
Under The Floor Again – The Damned
Tailspin – The Damned
Love Song – The Damned

XTC – Simon East

XTC were formed in Swindon in 1972. Led by songwriters Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, the band gained popularity during the rise of punk and new wave in the 1970s. Because the band’s songs veered from angular guitar riffs to perfect pop songs they achieved only sporadic commercial success. Partridge’s stage fright caused them to stop touring after 1982. Their Todd Rundgren produced 1983 album Skylarking was greeted with indifference at the time but is now considered a classic and made it onto the Pitchfork list of 100 best albums of the 80s in 2002.

This Is Pop? – XTC
New Town Animal In A Furnished Cage – XTC
Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!) – XTC
When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty – XTC
No Language In Our Lungs – XTC
All Of A Sudden (It’s Too Late) – XTC
Gold – XTC
Wake Up – XTC
Earn Enough For Us – XTC
Poor Skeleton Steps Out – XTC
Books Are Burning – XTC