All Ears 012 – 15th Feb 2018

This is what we played:

You can find most the tracks on this Spotify Playlist.

Robyn Hitchcock – Simon East

Robyn Hitchcock is an English musician who first came to public attention in 1976 as the front man of Denis and the Experts, who turned into The Soft Boys. He went on to record as a solo artist and with another backing band, The Egyptians. He has also collaborated with many musicians over the years, including Peter Buck from REM, David Rawlings and Gillian Welch.

20:00 I Often Dream Of Trains – Robyn Hitchcock
20:02 Leppo and the Jooves – The Soft Boys
20:08 Kingdom Of Love – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
20:12 My Wife and My Dead Wife – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
20:16 Raymond Chandler Evening – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
20:18 So You Think You’re In Love – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
20:20 Goodnight Oslo – Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3
20:26 Brenda’s Iron Sledge – Robyn Hitchcock

Country Got Soul – James Tate-Smith

Country guys laying down serious soul music. White guys, with pick-ups, laying down gospel soul claps and syncopated horn lines, sitting alongside pedal steel and wheezy organs. It is all in here, and it isn’t cheesy or strange. Sweet potato pie, and church on Sunday are all part of it. This was the sound that attracted the likes of The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and Paul Simon to the tiny Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama in the late 60s and early 70s.

20:29 Ohoopee River Bottom Land – Larry Jon Wilson
20:33 Polk Salad Annie – Tony Joe White
20:36 Harlan County – Jim Ford
20:40 If It Got Any Better – George Soule
20:42 I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers
20:46 For What It’s Worth – Cher
20:49 Ode to Billie Joe – Bobbie Gentry
20:53 Who You Gonna Hoo-Doo Now – The Country Soul Revue & Tony Joe White
20:57 Think I Feel a Hitchhike Coming On – Larry Jon Wilson

Welsh Psychedelia – Tom Griffett

Psychedelic music has always flourished in Wales (maybe related to the psilocybin rich hillsides) but it reached a zenith in the 90s with the Ankst record label making a home for Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Super Furry Animals, Los Campesinos! et el. Although this is the focal point of this set, the continuity is represented by prophets (Apple) and current torchbearers such as Colorama and El Goodo.

21:00 Merched Yn Neud Gwallt Eu Gily – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
21:03 Buffalo Billycan – Apple
21:06 Dere Mewn – Colorama
21:08 Fire Inside – The Keys
21:11 Starmoonsun – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
21:14 Gwreiddiau Dwfn / Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion – Super Furry Animals
21:20 Talking to the Birds – El Goodo
21:24 Something For The Weekend – Super Furry Animals
21:27 Mewn – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

Sound Led Films – Clare Dearnaley

This set includes some excerpts of my recent film work set to mostly ambient music. Ever since encountering Brian Eno at Art School, playing around with the relationship between sound and visuals has driven many of my pieces. The tracks range from ‘Evening Star’ by Fripp & Eno to Contemporary Piano‚Ķ with a little Electronica in between!

21:30 Evening Star – Brian Eno and Robert Fripp
21:33 Mister Mista – Kitty The Bill
21:36 One – Balam (Fred White)
21:42 Breathing Light – Nitin Sawhney
21:46 Four Hands – Nils Frahm
21:51 Electric Counterpoint (Fast, Movement 3) – Steve Reich & Pat Metheny
21:55 Flint March – Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams

Baggy – James Tate-Smith

Baggy was defined as much by the clothes, flares and hoodies as by its music and blew up in the late 80s, a heady brew of 60s psychedelia, 70s funk and bass melded with the beats of acid house and jangly guitars. Centred mainly in the North West and Manchester, its big bands were The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. It also melded rock and dance music with big names DJs such as Paul Oakenfold taking it to the dancefloor.

21:58 Perfume (Loved Up) – Paris Angels
21:59 W.F.L. (Think About the Future Mix) – Happy Mondays, Paul Oakenfold
22:08 Big – New Fast Automatic Daffodils
22:11 Lose Control – James
22:15 Lay Me Down – The Mock Turtles
22:18 What the World Is Waiting For – The Stone Roses
22:22 Keep the Circle Around – Inspiral Carpets
22:25 Sproston Green – The Charlatans

Mike Patton – Tom Griffet

When Mariah Carey and Axl Rose topped a list based on vocal range, Mike Patton’s army of fans were quick to point out that neither could match his six-octave range. The diversity of the projects Patton engages in arguably outstrips even this impressive skill. As such he has been sought after by a pan-cultural array of collaborators from Bjork, to Sepultura, to John Zorn. Rather than cover all of his artistic endeavours, this slot is mostly dedicated to showcasing the versatility of his vocal repertoire.

22:30 The Omen (Ave Satan) – Fantomas
22:31 Merry Go Bye Bye – Mr. Bungle
22:33 Glory Box – Faith No More
22:35 Five Seconds – Peeping Tom, Odd Nosdam
22:38 Che Notte! – Mike Patton
22:40 Wuxiapian Fantastique – Mike Patton
22:41 Anger Management – Lovage, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles, Nathaniel Merriweather
22:45 Das Schutzenfest – Faith No More
22:47 Jizzlobber – Faith No More
22:53 Epic – Live – Faith No More
22:58 Merry Go Bye Bye – Mr. Bungle